Why You Haven’t Received SRD Grant Payments For December

Why You Didn’t Get Your December SRD Grant Payments

Millions of vulnerable people rely on the R350 grant to purchase basic goods and services monthly. However, many of the grant’s recipients have not received their money despite being approved for payment.

The South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) has revealed that 5 million people have been approved for Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant payments. However, some clients are concerned after they have not been paid their grants for several months.

Acting Sassa Spokesperson, Moabi Pitsi says some actions taken by SRD grant applicants are delaying their grant payments. Some of these delays are due to actions taken by clients when providing their banking details. However, one of the main reasons why grant payments were delayed was due to technical glitches being faced by Sassa and the Post Bank.

Pitsi explained that technical glitches during the November and December period led to a delay in the payment of beneficiaries.

However, they assured grant recipients that Sassa and Post bank are back on track and many recipients received their January payments with no glitches. Pitsi added that 90% of beneficiaries have received their December 2022 SRS grant payments.

Pitsi explained that some grant applicants were changing banking details almost on a daily basis and this affects payments resulting in applicants having to wait for extended periods before they can access their grant money.

When clients change their banking details on the SRD grant website, Sassa will undertake a means test. A means test is used by Sassa to verify that an SRD grant applicant is deserving of the grant.

If a client has a sum of money in their bank account that exceeds the income threshold for the SRD grant, their grant application will be rejected. The current income threshold for the SRD grant is R624.

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