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Postbank Introduces New Way To Pay Sassa Grants Without A Card


A New Cardless Sassa Grant Payment Method Is Launched By Postbank

It would please Sassa grant recipients whose Sassa gold cards are about to expire to hear that they can now redeem their grant without the card. The procedure for obtaining Sassa grants without a gold card is clarified by Postbank’s spokesperson, Bongani Diako.

Most Sassa grant recipients collect their awards using their Sassa gold cards, however many of them may have noticed that their cards are about to expire.

The gold card has a usual life expectancy of five years, according to Postbank spokesperson Bongani Diako.

When Postbank, a subsidiary of the Post Office, was awarded the contract to pay Sassa grants in 2018, the majority of the gold cards were produced. According to Dr. Diako, 800 000 cards expired in April and about 175 000 cards did so in March.

Just under 3 million gold cards are scheduled to expire in June and July, which will result in an increase in the number of cards that will be expiring.

According to Diako, Postbank has started the process of reissuing and replacing gold cards in the month before they expire through Post Office branches to avoid having a significant number of people line up to get their new cards.

He continues by saying that they have run into issues with this procedure, particularly in the month of April, and have so chosen to adopt a new method of collecting Sassa grants without cards in order to maintain uninterrupted grant distribution.

What Must Be Done To Receive A Sassa Grant Without a Card?

It will be ensured that the right people are receiving their Sassa grants by using a closed-looped mechanism. Beneficiaries who wish to receive a Sassa grant without a card must present the following:

  • ID number
  • Sassa gold card Pin

After concerns were raised that the new payment method might be used to illegitimately prolong the life of a Sassa gold card, Postbank has clarified that this method of Sassa grant payment has been approved by the Payment Association of South Africa.

This new mechanism is accessible to anybody using a Sassa gold card to collect their Sassa grant, but it is primarily intended for people whose cards are about to expire.

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