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New heights are being reached by AlexFM thanks to a Boston Media House graduate who is using his BMH skills.



At the wildly successful Alex FM radio station, Takalane TK Nemangowe, or Takie to his friends, serves as Station Manager. He is also a Boston Media House alumnus who is using his BMH talents to take AlexFm to new heights!

Takie was asked why he decided to pursue a career in radio. Growing up, I was always curious about the world around me. Since I have strong opinions and enjoy sharing them as well as hearing other people’s perspectives, radio gave me a platform to express myself and voice my concerns. At Boston Media House’s Sandton location, Takie successfully finished the Diploma in Media Practices program.

What does he do for a living? “It’s challenging to sum up this topic in a few words because running a station involves a wide range of activities, including managing a team, managing meetings, communicating, recruiting advertising, establishing relationships with clients, and more! The station’s daily operations fall under my purview. Through their supervisors, I mentor, lead, and support the employees on daily challenges, if any are related to operations, communication, standardizing practices, revenue enhancement, and system applications.

What inspires Takie to arrive at work each day? “I like talking to people, learning about their perspectives, and I also like the exposure that comes with this job,” the employee said. I get to interact with notables. This aids him in overcoming the less appealing side of his job—the administration!

Takie will be taking care of his duties on the majority of days. Monitoring, reviewing departmental reports, interacting with stakeholders and clients, and, most importantly, going out to sell the station to generate cash so we can continue to successfully operate this station.

What kind of personality should you have if you’re thinking about a career in the media, which is viewed as glamorous and exciting? “Straight talkers, hard workers, always willing to go the extra mile, and people who work well in teams.” In addition, Takie asserts that the three key personality qualities one needs to possess are resilience, remaining composed under pressure, and superior problem-solving skills.

Takie describes the obstacles he had to face that were unique to him and his line of work. All professions and workplaces have their own hurdles. “As a young kid raised in the remote Limpopo Province settlements of GaMaboi and GaMojapelo, it was never easy to find knowledge. One could enter high school without even knowing what kind of job route they wish to follow.

Takie demonstrates the flexibility and creativity that the fourth IR calls for when he describes himself as “a leader of community through media.”

Takie gives the following advice to students and recent graduates who are thinking about pursuing careers in the media industry:

“Hard work pays. Study hard. Nothing is impossible. You don’t need to be known to make it in the industry.”

Additionally, he thinks it’s crucial to continue your education even if you’re already employed. “You become more aware that you know nothing the more you study and learn.”

In search of a media career? Go right to Boston Media House, the top company in the sector. “I can always recommend Boston. I had a fantastic time in Boston. With Boston, I relished every second. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, campus life. We appreciate the support we have received from the school and continue to receive.

Visit Boston Media House at the Boston Media House website, call 011 551 2000.

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