Never Too Late To Start Studying

Never too late to begin learning

As the adage goes: the more you learn, the more you earn. Whether you are in your mid-twenties or late sixties, learning has no age limit and it’s never too late to start your college career.

Distance learning at colleges like Oxbridge Academy has made upskilling easily attainable from anywhere and at any time.

Here are a few reasons why starting at a later stage is advantageous:

You have real-world experience

Everything you have learnt since high school – including any transferable skills – is valuable and will give you a head start over students who directly transitioned from high school to university. Examples of transferable skills include communication, self-control, and time management capabilities. Real-world experience also helps identify your strengths, helping you determine what you should study

You have clear goals/you are more focused and motivated.

Mature students are often more career-driven when choosing their study direction. They differ from younger students, who are influenced by their parents to go into specific study directions. With mature students, the goal is often to upskill and become more competitive in their chosen fields. Older students are more likely to pursue employability-focused qualifications and have a clear career goal.

Take your career in a new direction.

Later in life, people often regret the field they chose at a young age, leading them to experience job dissatisfaction. Not only does job unhappiness reduce work performance and morale, but it can also harm a business’s bottom line. Employees who are not satisfied with their work are less likely to be motivated to be productive and provide superior services. A distance-learning course is a good choice for those unsatisfied with their current professions, allowing them to study at their own pace wherever they find the opportunity.

Oxbridge Academy is the ideal fit for you

The learning programmes at Oxbridge Academy are geared toward part-time studies and are ideal for those who want to upskill while remaining in full-time employment. Prospective students can choose from over 100 courses, ranging from national qualifications, skills certificates, and short courses. This will enable them to take the first steps towards the career of their dreams.

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