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Millions Invested Into Funding Nursing Courses


Millions were invested to fund nursing programs

For years, the nursing shortage has been acknowledged as a concern on a global scale, and the demand for more nurses has grown significantly over time.

Studies indicate that the main factor contributing to the sharp decline in the number of student nurses currently enrolled in South African nursing programs is a shortage of funding. Nursing was added to the country’s vital skills list in 2022.

Responding to a recent parliamentary Q&A, regarding scholarships for students wanting to pursue nursing qualifications, the Department of Higher Education noted that there are various funding opportunities are available for nursing students.

The agency stated that the Health and Welfare Sector Education and Training Authority (HWSETA) is still making investments in nursing and other health-related professions.

The HWSETA provides support to students who want to pursue education and training in programs like a Postgraduate Diploma in Mental Health Nursing, a Bachelor in Nursing and Midwifery, a Diploma in Nursing, a Degree in Nursing, and a Bachelor in Nursing and Midwifery in order to promote nursing as a career.

Since the Postgraduate Diploma in Mental Health Nursing is a recently introduced program and few applicants have submitted applications, no funding has been established for it yet.

The World Health Organization has additionally urged each nation to train more nurses than it does annually in order to prevent a global shortage of nurses.

One nurse is assigned to every 218 patients, according to the South African Nursing Council.

This is why the ongoing funding and investment opportunities in the nursing sector are appreciated because they enable the entry of more qualified nurses.

Over the previous five years, the HWSETA has contributed to nursing in the following ways:

A) R425 Nursing Diploma:

Year Number of students Budget
2019-2020 478 R37 762 000
2020-2021 400 R31 600 000
2021-2022 203 R16 037 000

B) R174 B Nursing & midwifery:

Year Number of students Budget
2019-2020 93 R11 160 000
2020-2021 65 R7 800 000
2021-2022 44 R5 280 000

C) R425 Nursing Degree:

Year Number of students Budget
2019-2020 185 R22 200 000
2020-2021 130 R15 600 000
2021-2022 88 R10 560 000

D) New Post Graduate Diploma in Nursing (Mental Health):

Year Number of students Budget
2019-2020 0 0
2021-2022 0 0
2022-2023 0 0


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