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Head of Academics at Dananda Talent

Reference: JHB000022-Kele-1

Looking for an enthusiastic individual who will be responsible and accountable for setting and advancing the academic strategy to Senate in line with the institutions strategic plans and direction. Make effective use of all staffing resources and seek opportunities for collaboration and joint working with others beyond the department and beyond the Faculty.

Duties & Responsibilities

Academic Governance

  • Be an active member of Senate and contribute to the overall leadership and management of the relevant faculty.
  • Develop and sustain appropriate structures for management, consultation, decision-making and communication with staff and students
  • Promote and represent the institution both internally and externally
  • Participates in Academic policy development and review processes
  • Be involved in the formal processes related to curriculum review/development through the governance structures
  • Be actively involved and perform any other tasks or activities which fall within the general functioning of the department.
  • Participate in professional duties (Meetings, workshops, official Regenesys ceremonies, seminars, conferences, inductions, orientations, etc.)
  • Produce and present academic report per semester to Senate

2 Research

  • Conduct and publish independent research in the DHET accredited journal
  • Supervise Masters research.
  • Be available to participate in the Higher Degrees Research Committee.
  • Participate in Research workshops, both for supervisors and students.


  • Conduct contact and online classes at both undergraduate and postgraduate level.
  • Prepare/design and assess assignments, and examination papers.
  • Be available to invigilate examination sessions.
  • Ensure quality facilitation of learning.
  • Report and account for student performance in their programmes.
  • Give due consideration to ways of retaining connections with teaching at both undergraduate level.
  • Adherence to the regulations and procedures of Faculties and of the Senate.
  • Help students develop skills and knowledge.
  • Enable students towards becoming self-directed.
  • Invite Guest lecturers.

People Management

  • Manage individuals/staff reporting under him/her.
  • Ensure that Institution Human Resource policies and procedures are implemented.
  • Ensure that staff performance is managed appropriately and in a way that is consistent with the expectations of the company.
  • Ensure all staff have access to the necessary support to enable them to contribute fully and develop their skills and experience.
  • Engender a culture of excellence, co-operation and respect both within and beyond the department.
  • Ensure students are included /represented accordingly in the various decision making for a within the department.

Location: Dananda Talent
JHB – Central, South Africa

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