How To Survive The Second Semester Of College And University

How To Get Through College And University’s Second Semester

Vacation time is coming up as the first half of the year draws to a close. But keep in mind that the second semester is still to come, and you must successfully complete it. So let’s quickly review some strategies for getting through the beginning of the second semester.

How to Survive the Second Semester

1. Find out where your classes are

I know, you’re old hat at this. You figured it all out in the first few months of the year and now it’s smooth sailing.

Not so!

If you’re taking any semester courses, that means you’ve got a couple of new additions to your timetable. Do you know where you need to be?

I can guarantee there is at least one new lecture venue you haven’t been to yet; figure out where it is and the best way to get there. The first weeks of the semester are vital, so you don’t want to miss anything.

2. Find out how to communicate with your lecturers

If you have any new lecturers, you’ll need to know how to contact them if need be. When are their office hours? Where is their office? Can you email them? These are all questions that need answers.

3. Diarise important dates

Check the course outline/syllabus. Find out when the important due dates are. You’ll thank me later.

4. Start working NOW

Don’t wait until the day before your test to start studying. Find out what’s going to be in your tests and exams and start studying immediately.

Never go to a lecture without having recapped the content covered in the previous one. That way you’ll always know what’s going on and have a better understanding of how the material fits together.

5. Have fun

Most importantly, remember to have fun. You may think you’re getting this whole tertiary education thing down, but there’s always going to be a curveball somewhere along the way. If you know how to have fun and relax, you’ll find it easier to strike a balance between work and play, and that’s what life is all about.

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