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How to Start a Printing Business in Africa


Printing business as we see it is a well-profitable business that needs much knowledge of the workings of the business, and managerial skills.

If you want to start this business in Africa, you need to know about the cost of equipment and the basic requirements for setting up this kind of business in Africa.

We will help you get information about the cost of buying or renting equipment, the full requirements, etc. We have carefully looked into this topic and we have listed the requirements and everything you have to do in this very post.

This post is divided into parts; the first one covers the cost of setting up the business, and the other covers the requirements needed to set up this business in Africa.

Setting-Up Cost

  1. The Cost.
  2. Rent
  3. Printer.
  4. Laminator.
  5. Cutting System.
  6. Binding Machine.
  7. Computer & Graphic Software.

Basic Requirements

  1. Register the due process.
  2. Get materials and equipment.
  3. Location of the business.
  4. Workers for the business.


Starting a business isn’t that hard but you must, first of all, make provisions for all that would be required in order not to truncate your plans halfway. Make sure you opt to register it first of all before anything else.

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