How To Save On A Student Budget

How to Save Money as a Student

You may easily save money while you’re a student by following the instructions on the Careers Portal. Who knows when those additional dollars will be useful, especially if you’re a student juggling schoolwork and a social life.

Sam from The Careers Portal is sharing 6 tips to help you save on a student budget. We need to know how to save better while spending better.


Quillo helps you with saving when it comes to your textbooks. Very often, textbooks could rack up to R1000, just for one, so Quillo comes in quite handy.

With this app, you can buy and sell second hand textbooks. You can also get up to 70% off of the original textbook price.

You can find Quillo by clicking here.


22Seven is an investment and budgeting app brought to you by Old Mutual. This app will actively track your spending by linking your bank account to it.

Spending money can sometimes feel out of your control when you’re a student on a budget but 22Seven does all the hard work for you and puts out a clear path for you’re going to budget, track your budget and then spend your money for the month.

Click here to gain access to 22Seven.

Varsity Vibe

Varsity Vibe is a student discount app and can help you save so much money whether it be on a night out or a shopping spree. They even offer discounts on plane tickets and gym memberships.

This service is only for registered students and has a fee of R200 per year, which isn’t that much compared to the money you’ll be saving.

Check out Varsity Vibe by clicking here.


We all know what thrifting is right? Well, it’s buying second hand clothing and is quite popular with the youth of today. You can save tons of money while also looking really cool in trendy vintage clothing.

Happy Hour

If you’re a student, you probably find that at the end of nights out, a lot of your money has gone out to pay for drinks. Well, enter Happy Hour.

Happy Hour basically refers to a certain period of time where there are drink specials on. You can even do a simple Google search to find out which places have happy hour and when it is.

What’s For Dinner

Whether we like it or not, cooking meals yourself is much lighter on your budget than ordering takeouts are. A bonus? Cooking is healthier and will have you live longer to enjoy all this budgeting you’re doing.

If you’re having trouble deciding what you’re going to cook, What’s For Dinner is a great tool to use. Here they provide both recipes and meal plans.

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