How To Register To Write Your NBTs Online

How to Sign Up Online to Write Your NBTs

If you can’t write it in person, do you still need to write your NBT? So, here’s how to sign up to take your NBTs online.

Remote students are allowed to write the National Benchmark Test (NBT) online. Only those who are in another country or in an area too remote to be able to take a trip of a reasonable distance to the nearest testing centre will be recognised as remote learners.

Certain procedures will need to be followed in order to register as a remote writer. The student will need a test proctor or invigilator and email the NBT mailbox to request permission to write the tests online.

A test proctor or invigilator should be a person with credibility and not a friend or relative of the student. The test proctor should:

  • Serve as a receiver for mailed tests and not receive the tests directly from the writer/student.
  • Maintain test security and confidentiality, and invigilate the test in a quiet environment.
  • Ensure that the writer does not use any texts, notes or outside help.
  • Personally mail the original written script(s) to the NBT Project.
  • Not photocopy or reproduce the tests or the student’s answers.

Students will need to send an email to requesting to write the test online. Within 2 days the student should receive a response email containing a cover letter, a concession form requiring the applicant, proctor and test site details, a Confidentiality and Non-disclosure Agreement to be completed by the proctor, and an Invigilator Responsibilities and Agreement form to be completed by the proctor.

If the application is approved, the applicant and proctor will receive confirmation letters. The applicant’s confirmation letter will include payment details and the collect/delivery address for the couriers.

These forms will need to be completed and returned to the NBT contact person. The proof of payment will need to be attached to the forms and returned to the NBT contact person as well.

Once the proof of payment has been received the applicant will receive their NBT reference number. Most universities or tertiary institutions will require the student’s NBT reference number to check their NBT results.

The applicant is responsible for paying the proctor, courier, venue and test. Test material will only be released to couriers once all payments have been made.

The courier companies will need the proctor’s name and address when collecting test material at the NBT office. Applicants are reminded that it is their responsibility to stay in contact with the proctor.

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