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How to Prepare for the Mid-Year Unisa Examinations


How to Prepare for the Mid-Year Unisa Exams

At tertiary education facilities all around South Africa, mid-year exams will shortly start. The largest institution in the nation has given students a study guide to help them succeed in the upcoming exams.

In order to be prepared for the impending mid-year exams, the University of South Africa (Unisa) has advised students to become familiar with the university’s examination procedures and schedule.

Depending on the module a student is taking, these procedures could be different.

“May/June 2023 examination season will start soon. All the best with your assessment preparation. ”

Students have been urged to become familiar with their examination schedule since the May/June exams will begin next month. They will be able to plan their study schedules as a result of knowing when they will take their exams.

Students may view the examination dates for their models using the university’s examination timetable tool. Students will be required to submit their module codes into the request and select “Display” to view their timetable.

Students were warned by Unisa not to use any invalid module codes when utilizing the examination timetable tool.

Students enrolled in modules that require assessments such as continuous assessments, portfolios and research reports, which are not listed in the examination timetable are encouraged to visit the myAdmin portal.

“We wish all of our students luck as they get ready for the assessments in May and June 2023.”

Unisa uses an Open Distance e-Learning (ODeL) mode of study. This means that classes and examinations take place online. There are several actions students should take when preparing for the Unisa examinations.

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