How To Log Into CPUT’s Blackboard

How to Log Into Blackboard at CPUT

Blackboard Inc. created Blackboard Learn, a virtual learning environment and learning management system. Using Blackboard, my classroom provides a secure learning environment where I give students the choice to link their social network accounts. Learn how to use CPUT’s Blackboard by reading on.

Here’s how to access CPUT’s Blackboard.

It’s a safe learning environment, providing students with the option to integrate their social media environments. Students then have the option to filter information and set privacy settings to make a clear distinction between their personal and academic profiles

  1. In order to access CPUT’s blackboard, you need to either search Black CPUT on Google or directly visit CPUT’s website
  2. After this, navigate to the Myclassroom tab at the top-left part of your screen.
  3. The previous step will lead you to Myclassroom. Once there, you will be requested to input your username (Student Number) and password.
  4. Scroll slightly further down and click on the “Sign in with a third party” tab.
  5. You will be presented with two options “Staff Login” (Use your Microsoft Office365 account) and “Student Login” (Use you Microsoft Account)
  6. Choose “Student Login(Use your Microsoft Account)” to add your Microsoft Account student email and password
  7. You will then receive a One Time Password(OTP) via SMS to your cellphone, type it in and Myclassroom will grant you access to your Blackboard account.

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