How To Get A Tax Number From SARS

How to Obtain a SARS Tax Number

You must register with SARS as a tax payer if your taxable income exceeds the tax threshold. Within 60 days after the date you first get your money, you must register. How to obtain a SARS tax number is shown below.

A South African tax number is issued by the South African Revenue Service and can be found on all Taxpayer specific correspondence addressed to the Taxpayer. You need to have a valid South African ID in order to register for a tax number.

You can register for a SARS tax number using these 3 methods:

Auto Registration 

When you register for SARS eFiling for the first time and you don’t have a tax number, SARS will automatically register you and issue you with a tax number. To register for eFilling, visit the link and follow the prompts. You can also register for SARS eFiling on the SARS MobiApp and follow the same steps.

Register through your Employer

You can register for a tax number through your employer using eFiling. SARS eFiling offers the SARS registration function which allows employers to submit employee income tax registrations to SARS. You employer will then receive your SARS tax number and share it with you.

eBooking appointment with SARS

The eBooking appointment channels are ONLY available if you are already registered for tax. You can send an SMS to 47277 with your ID number/Passport number/Asylum Seeker number. You could also make an eBooking appointment by clicking this link and filling in the online eBooking form before you visit your branch.

If you have not received your tax number or are not sure if you have been registered with SARS you can contact your employer, send SARS a query by clicking here or you can contact the SARS Call Centre at 0800 00 7277

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