How To Complete Your WSU Registration

Steps for Finishing Your WSU Registration

First-year students still have time to register for the 2022 academic year at Walter Sisulu. We have the answers you need if you intend to attend and want to know how to finish your WSU registration.

Students who would like to go to Walter Sisulu University will need to register online. Registration can either be done online or by visiting Walter Sisulu University’s on-campus online registration labs.

Before registering online students will also need to have the following required documents:

  • Copy of bar-coded identity document or ID card or passport
  • Copy of Grade 12 NSC final results or equivalent (for first-year students)
  • Copy of degree certificate (if applicable)
  • Copy of academic record (if applicable)
  • Copy of Certificate of Conduct from previous institution (if applicable)

To register online students will need to do the following:

  • The student needs to be admitted to a qualification and will need to  confirm their admission status on the WSU website
  • Using your student number log in to the online system
  • If you agree to the rules and regulations, click on the “I accept” button at the bottom of the page.
  • Select ‘Submit registration’ on the left
  • Indicate your employment status in the drop-down field labelled ‘Employment Status’
  • Click on “Save and Continue”
  • Select your subjects/ modules by ticking the box next to each subject/ module ( Ensure you select all relevant subjects and modules)
  • Click on “Save and Continue” if you are absolutely sure that you have selected the correct subjects/ modules, offering types and periods of study
  • Click on the “I Accept Registration” button to finalize the registration process
  • Click on “Proof of Registration” to print your proof of registration
  •  Check that you are registered for the correct subjects/ modules, if not seek help from WSU.

These are the following Campuses that offer on-campus online registration:

  • Buffalo City Campus
    • Chiselhurst, Room FF4
    • College Street, Room B7
    • Potsdam Room C9 and C10
  • Butterworth
    • Ibika, Rooms AG07; AG14; EG18 and D40
  • Komani
    • Whittlesea, Lab C25 and Lab D14
  • Mthatha
    • Nelson Mandela Drive, Zamulungisa Sasol library lab, CLTD lab

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