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How to Apply for Driver’s License In Any African Country


Do you wish to apply for a driver’s license in your country? do you intend to become a registered driver in your country? or do you want to be free from any vehicle-related harassment by road safety agents?; Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

You can possibly apply for a driver’s license in wherever state or country you stay at ease. It doesn’t require that you own a vehicle or not.

In this post, we’ve successfully penned exclusive ways you can apply for a driver’s license in any African country you stay.

Applying for your driver’s license is one thing every citizen of a country should endeavor to do as a legal obligation. It is compulsory in all African countries that road users must possess or have a driver’s license before being allowed to use the road with a vehicle. The good thing about the license is that you’re subjected to blame if you use the road wrongly to the detriment of other road users.

How to Apply for a Driver’s License;

1. Make sure you’ve gone through driving school with proper certification.

2. Make sure you’re conversant with road ethics as a vehicle driver.

3. Ensure you have not in one way or the other been implicated in any road incident.

4. Visit the branch of the Ministry of Transport wherever you stay.

5. Seek the Application.

6. Ensure all your papers are referencable.

7. Once you apply, track your application status till you’re called upon.

8. After everything, make photocopies of the license in case of reference.

For more information, visit the Ministry of Transport in your area where you’ll be briefed on what to do.

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