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How to Apply for Change of Name in Any African Country


There are several reasons why someone might desire to change their name. Some people might alter their names for personal reasons, such as getting married. In this tutorial, we’ll walk you through the entire procedure of requesting a name change in African countries.

You must have legal documentation to support your name change before you can do so. Any documents with your prior name on them are verified by this legal document. In reality, without this certificate, all other documents with your old name on them are still invalid.

Before we go into the processes of change of name in any African country, let’s take a look at cogent reasons people change names.

Cogent Reasons People Change Their Names;

There are several reasons people choose to change their names. However, we’ll itemize a few tangible reasons why people want to change their names.

  • Detest Current Name
  • Marriage
  • Changing Your Name After Divorce
  • A desire for a Less or More “Ethnic” Name Changing the Child’s Surname to the Mother’s or Father’s
  • Name Changes for Transgender People
  • Religious Justifications
  • Political Statement

Eligibility for Change of Name

  • The individual for whom the Deed poll is requested must be in possession of a valid Identification Document.
  • If a kid is born out of wedlock and the mother marries someone other than the child’s biological father, the mother may request to have the child’s surname changed to that of her husband.
  • The applicant must have a good and compelling justification for changing their name.
  • If a minor wants to alter their name, either their parents or guardians can submit an application.

Requirements for Change of Name 

The applicant would need to provide the following documents in order to complete the entire process:

  • Identity verification
  • The appropriate Application form(s) that have been completed and signed
  • Justification for the name change in writing (for all cases)
  • For applicants who are married: The spouse must give their written consent.
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