How CPUT’s Late Applications For 2023 Works

How the CPUT Processes Late Applications for 2023

For the academic year 2023, Cape Peninsula University of Technology will shortly accept late applications, offering aspirants another chance to apply.

The Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) offers diverse qualifications at different educational levels.

The university will soon be allowing late applications for selected study programmes from 16 January 2023 until 20 January 2023. This will only be for returning CPUT students who took a gap in their studies and those who wish to complete programmes that are being phased out by the institution.

The university has increased its online assistance capacity for online applications and registrations processes.

If you fall into one of these categories and wish to take another shot of completing your studies, you will need to make an online application, which is free of charge.

Follow these steps to submit your late application:

  1. Choose programmes and special requirements
  2. Gather your documents or upload further/outstanding documents
  3. Submit your application and supporting documentation online

Should you intend on apply for a non-degree programme, you be required to follow this manual application process:

  1. Choose programmes and special requirements
  2. Gather your documents
  3. Get an application form
  4. Complete your application form
  5. Pay your application fee
  6. Submit your completed application form and any additional supporting documentation

To submit your manual late application you may email it to or make a hand delivery to the CPUT Bellville campus administration building.

The university states that only completed applications will be taken into consideration, and applicants are urged to consult the list of required documentation on the university website.

Selections will only take place within the relevant Faculties, and the applicant will be notified of the outcome of their application via SMS and they may alternatively track their application on the CPUT website.

If you are also in need of funding your qualification, fortunately, CPUT has funding options that you can take a look at.

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