Everything You Should Know About the Transport and Logistics Programs at the College of Cape Town

All You Need To Know About College Of Cape Town Transport And Logistics Courses

The movement of commercial commodities both inside and outside of South Africa depends heavily on the transportation sector. Look into the requirements for this certificate at a Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) College with a location in the Western Cape if this industry interests you.

Institutions of higher learning, such as Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Colleges, help in meeting the high demand of scarce skills that are needed to grow the economy.

Fortunately, the College of Cape Town offers the Transport and Logistics qualification in its Business Studies faculty.

It is offered from National Certificate Vocational (NCV) level 2-4, which translates into three years to develop relevant skills that will help you operate in the vocational field but also to be responsive to a dynamic, ever-evolving economy.

According to the TVET College, the NCV certificate holder has two paths that you may choose from, with the primary one being employed in the industry by filling the skills gaps available in the country  and the other one it is to further develop your knowledge and skills at an institution of higher learning.

These skills are honed through the fundamental subjects such as English, Mathematics, and Life Orientation.

Here are core subjects that are also offered in this programme from level 2-4:

  • Freight Logistics
  • Transport Economics
  • Transport Operations

This programme has been structured in such a way that it makes it seamless to transition from the TVET training sector to a qualification offered at a University or University of Technology.

Once you have managed to obtain your qualification, then you will be able to submit it along with an application to a Higher Education Institution to be considered at the same level as all other applicants wishing to gain admission.

To make sure that the qualification offers relevant skills in the transport and logistics industry, TVET colleges in South Africa are readying themselves to ensure graduates are ready for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

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