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Die Vertroueling Teasers – May 2023


Coming up on Die Vertroueling this May 2023:

Monday 1 May 2023
Episode 70

Marasli refuses to get help until he finds the person who shot Zelis, and Mahnoor finds out the truth about Marasli. Is love enough to keep them together?

Tuesday 2 May 2023
Episode 71

Hilal plans to storm Junkman’s hideout with the hopes of finally capturing the man she’s been after. Meanwhile, Mahnoor is still shocked about learning that Celal Kun was only an alias.

Wednesday 3 May 2023
Episode 72

Marasli hallucinates as his identity crises unfolds. Mahnoor asks Marasli to meet one last time, but a surprise awaits him. Elsewhere, Junkman is planning to escape.

Thursday 4 May 2023
Episode 73

Marasli takes Mahnoor to his family home and shows her his real self. Savas searches for Junkman, and Zelis wonders if her dad will ever be the same again.

Friday 5 May 2023
Episode 74
Series finale!

Mahnoor and Marasli are planning to leave the city. Junkman also makes plans to escape. However, Savas won’t let them get away that easily.

Die Put returns for Season 3 once Die Vertroueling ends.

Premiere episodes of Die Vertroueling air on eExtra from Mondays to Fridays at 21h30.

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