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Die Binnekring Teasers August 2023


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Monday 1 August 2022
Episode 44

With Cagatay now in charge, things are changing in the Circle and not for the better. Ilhan needs to make a big decision. Cagatay asks the boys for a favour.

Tuesday 2 August 2022
Episode 45

Kaan and Cihangir once again find a way around a sticky situation, but Ilhan could find himself in dangerous waters. Will his son come to his rescue?

Wednesday 3 August 2022
Episode 46

Cagatay dabbles in the narcotics business, but it gets messy. Kaan takes a shot to the chest and Cihangir becomes a man of interest for Cagatay’s mission.

Thursday 4 August 2022
Episode 47

Cagatay and Cihangir go on a wild goose chase to retrieve information locked in Cihangir’s memory. Yet, Cihangir remains oblivious to how far Cagatay will go to get it.

Friday 5 August 2022
Episode 48

The Steward breaks news to the rest of The Circle members leaving the men unsettled about what’s about to unfold. Cagatay gives Cihangir an ultimatum to get what he wants.

Monday 8 August 2022
Episode 49

Cihangir finally gets answers surrounding his past, but how will they affect his relationships with those closest to him? Kaan unveils more of The Circle’s secrets to Cemal.

Tuesday 9 August 2022
Episode 50

A confused Cagatay and Steward are finally brought before The Head of The Circle but will they be able to undertake the task he’s given them?

Wednesday 10 August 2022
Episode 51

Cagatay and the Steward hatch a plan to try and catch who the mole is so they can eliminate him once and for all. Will they succeed?

Thursday 11 August 2022
Episode 52

Cihangir risks his life to protect the ones he loves, and Cagatay is left questioning his place in The Circle’s hierarchy. But where does this leave Kaan?

Friday 12 August 2022
Episode 53

The new head of The Circle is announced and is asked to carry out his first task. Will he succeed and prove that he’s worthy of the new role?

Monday 15 August 2022
Episode 54

Cihangir, Kaan and Iskender try to do damage control before Ruhi catches wind of their failed plan, but just how much time do they have left?

Tuesday 16 August 2022
Episode 55

Altemur gives Cihangir an ultimatum, either kill Iskender or die but when Cagatay’s DNA results come out, what change will that make to the fate of The Circle?

Wednesday 17 August 2022
Episode 56

Kaan is faced with a moral dilemma and Cihangir is unaware of just how much trouble he’s in. The question is, who will get to him first?

Thursday 18 August 2022
Episode 57

Altemur meets with Cihangir to discuss future plans, but how will The Tailor’s actions change things for them? Meanwhile, Kaan continues to plot ways to find Altemur’s room of secrets.

Friday 19 August 2022
Episode 58

Both Humeyra and Cihangir stumble upon major secrets that could change their lives forever. And what does Cagatay have up his sleeve for the not-so-dead Iskender?

Monday 22 August 2022
Episode 59

Kaan stumbles across a shocking truth that will push him further to snapping. Cihangir helps out Iskandir once again.

Tuesday 23 August 2022
Episode 60

Altemur’s plan to change the direction of The Circle leaves Iskender, Humeyra and Ilhan desperate to escape. Will Cihangir and Kaan be able to step in and save them?

Wednesday 24 August 2022
Episode 61
Series finale!

It’s the final showdown for all our heroes and villians. Who will emerge victorious? Kaan and Cihangir? Or will The Circle finally get their way?

Heads-up! Die Put returns for Season 2 once Die Binnekring ends.

Premiere episodes of Die Binnekring air on eExtra from Mondays to Fridays at 21h30.

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