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A Complete Guide to South African Pest Control Courses


An Detailed Guide to Pest Control Training in South Africa

Are you considering pursuing a career in South Africa as a pest control specialist? It’s crucial to understand the costs and training necessary before beginning. There are numerous courses offered, each with a different price and set of prerequisites.

A qualified specialist in pest management, more often known as a “exterminator,” is in charge of preventing, identifying, controlling, and getting rid of pests in residences, businesses, and other structures.

Any animal that can harm property, spread illness, or endanger people is considered a pest. Specialists in pest management work to prevent pests’ harmful impacts on people, the environment, and property.

If a job in pest management appeals to you, you might be interested in learning how to become a pest control professional, what courses are offered, their costs, and lengths.

Which Courses Are Offered?

The National Qualifications in Pest Management, which cover subjects such as pest anatomy and biology, monitoring, management strategies, and safety procedures, are the most well-liked programs in South Africa.

Additionally, there is an advanced certificate program that goes into greater detail about subjects including legal compliance, environmental sustainability, record-keeping, and customer service. Each course normally consists of a mixture of lectures, outings to nearby farms or facilities, research projects, and hands-on activities.

There are also shorter programs available, such as the six-day Pest Control Technician Course, which combines classroom instruction with hands-on training. The Pest Management Academy presents this training.

What is the price?

Depending on the institution, the price of a pest control course can change in South Africa. Generally speaking, participants should be ready to pay tuition fees as well as an approved fee (which covers extra expenses like materials and lab equipment).

For national qualifications, tuition may cost between R500 and R8,000, while the cost of the advanced certificate program may reach R11,000 per year. It is essential to get in touch with various organizations that offer pest control courses to find out exact costs and course details.

The Best Places to Take a Good Pest Control Course in South Africa

In South Africa, a variety of organizations provide pest control training. Numerous colleges and universities that specialize in technical and vocational education and training (TVET) provide certificate or short-term course programs that have been approved by the Sector Education and Training Authority (SETA).

Both private and public providers of Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) must be accredited by SETA. You may learn more about the pest control services offered in your area by getting in touch with local authorities.

In South Africa, the following institutes provide pest control training:

  • Pest Management Academy
  • Pest Control Industries Training Academy
  • Pest Control Services Industry Board

For more information on institutions that offer pest control programmes, you can head to our Where to Study section.

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